Fresno Sierra Contractors's Painting Division

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What is "SILK"?  SILK is a commercial & residential interior/exterior painting company that offers a wide variety of skills to enhance, protect, and increase the market value of your property.  Property managers and owners have relied on our expertise for nearly 20 years to deliver quality workmanship at a competitive price. SILK hasn't made it in the industry this long by cutting corners or not living up to our promises We pride ourselves on the company's integrity and devotion to every client on every job.  


There is no job too small or too big.  Our team of skilled professionals are trained to complete any size project safely and to your specifications.  We can even set up a maintenance plan to further protect your investment.


We proudly serve the Central Valley & Central Coast of CA.

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5151 N. Palm Ave, Ste 850 Fresno, CA 93704

Tel 559.289.6108

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